High-speed core balancing machine with a fixed-mount correction cutter and a servo-driven air valve!

Features & advantages

  • Top-notch noise reduction
  • Fixed-mount correction cutter that ensures a fine quality surface finish
  • Servo-controlled air valve to achieve the excellent unbalance measurement properties!
  • Possibility to create a specific calibration for each core assembly model
  • Universal, robust and innovative adapters system proven by the industry specialists
  • Laser speed sensor for the core with a boreless compressor wheel
  • Swivel wheels for a convenient machine move without the need to use a pallet truck
  • Optional 2-plane slow-speed core balancing machine with the maximum mass capacity up to 16 kg and checking a core for a leak-tightness
  • Made in Poland from the top quality European industrial components
Maximum diameter of turbine wheel134 mm (Inducer) | 114 mm (Exducer)
Max. diameter of compressor wheel179 mm
Maximum rotational speed value300.000 rpm
Air valveServo controlled
Speed / cycle controlAutomatic as per generated ramp-up curve
Correction pointAutomatically calculated
Unit of unbalance measurementMilligrams, gmm
Unit of vibration measurementG, m/s²
Minimum achievable residual unbalance0.05 gmm
Correction cutterFixed-mount
Reverse rotation core balancingYes
Oil filtrationMultistage
GuardC type with a safety swtich with a guard locking
Air supply pipe diameter1,25”
Required air pressure8 bar
Required air tank capacityFor passenger car turbochargers: ≥ 500 l
For large-frame turbochargers: ≥ 1,000 l
Power supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight600 kg
Specific calibrationCalibration process that requires to make a calibration run with a test weight to a create a setup file for a given core model.
Manufacturer calibrationSimple calibration process that do not require to make a calibration run to create a setup file for a given core model.
Dimensions of the machine1330(1700)x780x1800 mm