High-speed core balancing machine

CMT-VSR is dedicated for the high-speed core balancing of passenger car and light/medium commercial vehicle turbochargers. The machine ensures high production efficiency that is approximately 150 – 200 cores per 450 minutes shift.

Core is installed on the hub of the machine by the use of an adapter plate with the two clamps to lock it. Turbine wheel is driven by a compressed air supplied through a sleeve with a nozzle system. During the unbalance measurement the oil with an appropriate temperature and pressure is supplied. The result of the measurement is the graph of vibration in the function of the rotational speed. To simplify the analysis of the vibration graph, the software indicates the exact angular position of the unbalance. Balancing in the full range of rotations extends the lifespan of turbocharger and eliminates the undesirable effect of whistling.